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Owned and operated by Rebecca McNeill, Certified Herbologist

174 Sandy Ridge Rd.
Eros, LA 71238
(318) 249-4887

"He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and herbs for the service of man; that he may bring forth food out of the earth." {Psalm 104:14}


soaps & salts

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oils & unguents

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Lip Salves and Balms





"Soft Rose" lip gloss

Lip Balms
.15 oz, $1.50 each
Lip Balm Special!
Get 3 for $4!
Email your choices to us.

Herbal Salves


Golden Comfort

Muscle Rub

Bottoms Up

Black Salve

excellent for congestion
Now with St. John's Wort!
general-purpose first-aid
Now containing Wintergreen!
For relief of stiff muscles
A cooling, soothing baby salve for tender skin with tea tree, chaparral, black walnut and echinacea
Fights pernicious infections - a classic "drawing salve"

Order by size below:
larger sizes available by special order
2oz - $8
2oz Salves
1oz - $5
1oz Salves

All our claims are based on traditional usages by herbalists from many cultures. Since the FDA is in the business of regulating medicines that can be patented, they actively discourage such natural supplements. We claim protection of Free Speech in all claims and testimonials - none of which are approved by the FDA.

These products are handcrafted using the finest products available, including herbs that are either organically-grown or wildcrafted. We do *not* use any petroleum products, making our offerings "skin-friendly."