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Owned and operated by Rebecca McNeill, Certified Herbologist

174 Sandy Ridge Rd.
Eros, LA 71238
(318) 249-4887

"He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and herbs for the service of man; that he may bring forth food out of the earth." {Psalm 104:14}


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Our soaps are handmade from natural ingredients and are enhanced by whole herbs, essential oils, and/or cosmetic-grade fragrance oils.

Priced by bar-size at $2.50 for small bars (up to two ounces, averaging about 1.5oz) and $4.00 for large bars (up to four ounces, averaging 3.5oz). We are currently experimenting with several different molds for weight consistency and visual appeal. We can also "custom-scent" small batches of soap if you would like a particular fragrance. Please contact us for more information and custom pricing.

We currently stock the following fragrances of soaps:
Green Apple
Wild Irish Rose
Large Soaps
$4.00 each

Goat's-Milk Soaps

We now offer goat's-milk soaps made from the milk of our very own Dun Coille herd of Nubian goats. Dermatologists frequently recommend the use of soaps made from goat milk to treat skin conditions from dry itchy skin to eczema. Since goat milk is naturally homogenized and made of smaller molecules than cow milk, your skin can more easily absorb the "good things" in the goat-milk - things like natural triglycerides, capric, caprylic, and capronic acids. The low pH of goat milk also helps skin maintain a healthy slightly-acid pH for proper growth and function.

We currently offer Goat's-Milk Soaps in the following scents:
others under development
Large Soaps
$5.00 each


Pamper yourself or a loved-one with the gift of a relaxing, luxurious bath. Our scent-blends are carefully chosen and developed with aromatheraputic uses in mind.
A very relaxing scent, works well on headaches
Great for restoring your energy, also effective on headaches
Sensual Blend
This scent is designed to be relaxing and to enhance the romantic mood; an earthy scent
Arabian Nights
This scent is designed to be relaxing and to enhance the romantic mood; a floral scent
Winter Cold/Flu-Fighter
Blended from oils selected for their anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and immune-boosting properties
Citrus Cheer
Boosts energy and enhances a cheerful mood

Check the Gift Sets page for a "sampler set" of individual salts!

BathSalts by the pint
$5.00 each

All our claims are based on traditional usages by herbalists from many cultures. Since the FDA is in the business of regulating medicines that can be patented, they actively discourage such natural supplements. We claim protection of Free Speech in all claims and testimonials - none of which are approved by the FDA.

These products are handcrafted using the finest products available, including herbs that are either organically-grown or wildcrafted. We do *not* use any petroleum products, making our offerings "skin-friendly."