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Owned and operated by Rebecca McNeill, Certified Herbologist

174 Sandy Ridge Rd.
Eros, LA 71238
(318) 249-4887

"He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and herbs for the service of man; that he may bring forth food out of the earth." {Psalm 104:14}

UPDATE!! Our site has taken a back-seat to a major life-event - A BABY!! Check out pics of the week leading up to Alanna's birth and the days since in her photo-album. We are also working on a paper-catalog and a website revamp, so watch for a site overhaul and new products!

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At Celtic Heart Herbals, we believe in using the gifts of the Creator as we find them in Nature. We strive to make our products from all-natural ingredients and use as few artificial or processed additives as we can. Our products are hand-made in small batches in our home. This gives us much greater quality control over the finished product and represents intense focus and concentration of personal energy on each batch of every item.


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By offering products made by hand, we are able to monitor the aesthetic appeal and devote more personal energy to each batch, rejecting any that fail to meet our expectations. Also, not only can we control what goes into our products, but what is taken out, as well. Most commercial soaps are processed to remove the glycerin - a natural skin moisturizer - causing your skin to dry out. Not ours. Handmade is heart-made.

All our claims are based on traditional usages by herbalists from many cultures. Since the FDA is in the business of regulating medicines that can be patented, they actively discourage such natural supplements. We claim protection of Free Speech in all claims and testimonials - none of which are approved by the FDA.

These products are handcrafted using the finest products available, including herbs that are either organically-grown or wildcrafted. We do *not* use any petroleum products, making our offerings "skin-friendly."

Coming Soon!!

-bath salts
-milk baths
-colloidal oatmeal baths